Women’s Self-Defense and Self-Protection Guide

basic self defense moves

You may have already experienced walking on the side of the road alone at night on your way home. You may feel a sudden fear curling up your head, feeling as if someone is following you. Typically, a woman experiencing these things would take long steps or perhaps run until reaching home. The danger is not only outside but can also take place inside your home. When you hear some strange noises at your apartment or house, the dread of horror may catch your breath and provoke you to think that someone is intruding into your bedroom. Your mind may stay stuck with these imaginary horrors, but the good news is that you can prevent them from becoming into real ones by taking precautions.

You may be thinking things like not walking alone at night, becoming obsess on locks, not responding if a stranger calls and the likes. However, these cannot solve the issue. Nearly every day, we read in the newspaper reports about crimes against women, including rape, assault, murder and attacks. The time has come to break the image of stereotypical women. You need to learn how to protect yourself and defend yourself from becoming the victim. Self-protection or self-defense is still the only possible way to sustain living in such an increasingly violent society.

Some women don’t even think self-defense because of ideas such as:

  1. I always walk with someone else outside of the home. So how can it happen to me?

unarmed self defense

This is a foolish idea. Many sexual assaults mostly take place at the place of the victim. Some attackers are among the persons the victim knows so well. The harassment may come from the most unexpected person.


  1. I associate with educated people who can never turn into rapists.


Do you know that the social status of a person or education excellence of an individual never assures non-crime attitude? Violence stretches among all socio-economic classes.


  1. I do not look attractive and do not dress in such a way can provoke a man.

easy ways to defend yourself

Your simple and all body covered outfits cannot prevent you from the clutches of violence. Additionally, a woman victim should never be blamed for violence committed towards her. A rape victim is usually a woman being dominated and controlled by the rapist.


  1. I am too small to learn martial arts.


You can learn martial arts no matter how puny or weak you might think. Learning martial arts is not about breaking the boards or boxing. There’s no need to be strong to learn some self- defense moves. All you need is to have that self-confidence to learn martial arts beyond breaking boards. Self-defense techniques allow you to fight and overcome the tendency of freezing in front of a crime.


The thought of being assaulted or attacked is itself frightening and dreadful. However, this does not mean you live every day of your life in a paranoid. While you can’t control your life or situation, learning self-defense techniques can make you feel confident. Whatever situation you encounter; you have the strength to face it. So, learn to defend a crime and follow your intuition.

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